Eco Bike: Enzo Electric Bicycle Review

Coolest Glow in the Dark Electric Bicycle


My husband and I recently bought two new Enzo e bikes and wanted to do a review of them.
We live in Florida and are close to Clearwater Beach. We wanted to be able to ride to the beach, festivals and outdoor activities that go on in our area.


We did extensive research on electric bikes and went with the Enzo e bike because it is an Italian made bike that is very durable and folds easily. It is very compact when folded and comes with it’s own bag. We love this feature because we live in a small condo and have a small patio area. We do not have room for large bikes and did not want to have to haul them with a bike rack if we go out of town. Our Enzo’s will fold and fit into the back of our vehicles.

•	LCD Display Screen

Computerized Control Console


The e bike has a Shimano 7 speed gear hub and pedal assist to help make riding easier. When going up hills you can choose to use full throttle and not pedal at all or you can use the peddle assist to help make it easier. You decide how much assistance you want the bike to give you. It really has a lot of power when needed. I generally only use pedal assist 1 on flat roads and pedal assist 2 on hills. It will go up to pedal assist 5 but for me that is too
much power. We do a lot of riding on the Pinellas Trail and I don’t want to be going 20mph and running people off of the trail. My husband on the other hand likes to show off and enjoys flying down the trail on his bike.

The bikes take 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. They come with built in Lithium batteries that can be removed. We leave them in the bikes and plug in to the side charger. It is easier to charge them outside than it is to pull the batteries and bring them into the house. Fully charged they will go 30-50 miles depending on how much pedal assist you use. If you use the throttle and do not use pedal assist you will drain the battery faster.

They come with a rear rack so you can add a basket or side bags.






I attached a small basked to the rear of my bike. We shop at the farmers market and all of my fruits and vegetables will fit into my rear basket. We also added the phone holders to the handle bars. The computer console will show you your speed, pedal assist and mileage. You can also turn the front headlight on from the console. The rear bike light you need to manually turn on and off. If the bikes are out in the sun they will glow at night. The rims and paint all glow. Nice safety feature when you ride after sunset.

The thing I did not like about the Enzo bike is the seat. It comes with a small seat that says gel filled but it was very thin and hard. The bikes do not have front shocks so I found it to be very uncomfortable after a few miles. We both ended up changing the seats out with our gel seats we had on our bicycles. Now the ride is very comfortable. Also, the seats attach to the tube that has a built in tire pump. That is a really nice feature of this bike.

I choose the pink Enzo and my husband choose the white. We love having the freedom these bikes have given us.


Some of the features that we love are:

• They both feature glow in the dark paint
• Front and Rear LED lights
• LCD Display Screen
• Built in phone charger
• 350 watt Gear hubs
• Heavy duty wheels. No spokes
• Removable gel seat with built in tire pump
• Aluminum Allow Foldable Frame
• Rear Direct Drive 350 Watt Motor
• Brakes: Front/Rear 160mm Hydraulic Disc
• Custom Mag Rims with oversize tires with glow in the dark sidewalls
• Derailleur: Shimano 7 speed
• Battery: Samsung 36V 8.8 AH Lithium battery
• Range 30-50 miles
• Maximum speed 20mph
• Recharging Time: 2-5 hours
• Storage/Carry Bag
• Aluminum Real Rack
• On/Off Keyed
• Warranty: 2 year limited