Electric Bikes Provide an Alternative to Traveling by Car


Cheaper Alternative to Getting to Work

Many people in Urban communities are learning that traveling by Electric bicycles is far more affordable and easier than using a car.

Eco -Friendly

Not only is it eco-friendly and reduces air pollution but there are many health benefits for the rider. It helps you get in some physical activity before a long day in the office. With pedal assist, you can use the motor for going up hills and over rough terrain and still arrive at the office without looking like you were at the gym.

Saves Money

Electric bicycles are cheaper to operate, store easily in a small apartment or condo and save on parking fees in large metropolitan areas. Think of all the money you can save on gas, oil changes, brakes and tires.

Travel Long Distance on a Single Charge

Most e bikes have the ability to add a large basket and saddle bags for carrying groceries and shopping items. Electric bikes can travel up to 20-25 miles depending on how much leg power that rider provides.